Learn How To Treat Your Concrete Floors & Runs

Sealing and waterproofing concrete kennel floors and runs can be frustrating. Painting concrete slabs also presents problems. Folks who are experienced kennel operators know this all too well!

In fact, anytime you attempt to get any concrete coating, sealer or epoxy floor covering to stick to concrete you are facing an uphill battle-- UNLESS you understand the special nature of concrete and how to prevent problems.

At Dog Kennel Floors we are experienced with epoxy floors, polyaspartic floors, rolled rubber flooring, safety flooring, densified and polished floors, stained floors, sealed floors and all aspects of everything having to do with concrete and concrete problems.



This Site Will Help You Avoid Costly Problems from Flooring Mistakes

Many people have had bad experiences when it comes to attempting to make their concrete kennel floors and runs easy to take care of and hygienic. Almost daily I get calls or emails from people who have either peeling paint, epoxy or coatings or failed sealers which need to be redone.

Basically, kennel owners find themselves in a difficult situation due to lack of real information about the' whys' and 'therefores' of protecting concrete and making it easy to maintain over the long run in kennel situations.

Usually, about all people have to go on is advertising claims and promises that a particular product is the "best" . But the experience of untold numbers of people who contact me is strong evidence to the inadequacy of that type of information.

Hopefully, through learning more about why problems exist and the pros and cons of various alternative approaches to dealing with them, you will be better prepared to make an informed decision based on facts instead of advertising copy.

Please feel welcome to call me or email me if you have any questions. As a working contractor, I have many years experience working with all kinds of problems associated with coatings, epoxy and concrete. So just contact me, and I will be glad to help you out.

You will:

  • Save money and time by NOT having to continually redo your floors
  • Control odors, moisture, and contaminating bacteria
  • Avoid slippery floors
  • NEVER deal with PEELING paint or coatings again
  • Get "personal" assistance by E-mail or phone
Please Read This Before Continuing

March 26, 2005

Dear Friend,

I have tried to get a balance between keeping the web site concise and readable, but yet still providing you with enough detail so that you can make well informed decisions that will give you the results you deserve.

Many experts say that web sites should be brief, as people just want to skim and find information. However, my purpose is to provide accurate and solid information so that kennel owners can find out the very best ways to cost effectively take care of their kennel floors and runs. And how to prevent and correct problems.

There is no question that problems arising from failed attempts to solve the problems with concrete floors in kennels are extremely costly and vexing.

Because the stakes are so high...

I want to encourage you to take the time to read through the information on the web site. Keep in mind that a few extra minutes of reading and understanding will pay back HUGE dividends in your time, money and freedom from frustration.

Click on the Floor Facts tab at the top to get started. That section contains background information about concrete that is important to understand.

If you have questions or need more information, just , Grant or call me at 417-733-4950.

These days, email has become a questionable way to communicate because of the spam problem. So if you email me and don't hear back right away, please call toll free.

If you have suggestions about how this site could be more helpful to kennel owners, please share them with me.

Thanks for visiting. I look forward to serving you.

Does the Kennel Kit Work? -- An unsolicited comment:

Grant---This morning on his daily trek to the barn, my returned to the house telling me I’d better get to the kennel, “There’s water all over the place”. I opened the door and was met with two to three inches of standing water, and more water spewing from the pipe where the faucet was supposed to be. The faucet had blown off of the water line in the kennel from too much pressure. After shutting the water off, putting the dogs out, and dragging all the sopping wet blankets, rugs, and towels out the door, my husband and I began sweeping water out the main door. After an hour of sweeping, wet vacuuming and putting the fans back on, our floors were completely dry and were ready to put the dogs back on. I feel this is due to our using the Deep Seal and Top Seal products we purchased from you. Now…off to find a plumber. Pam Adams, KY

Does the Kennel Kit make concrete easy to clean?

Hi Grant---I just wanted to let you know that all my Deep Seal is down now and I just received my second order of Top Seal. I love this stuff and it is easy to apply! The kennels that have been sealed with the Top Seal are so easy to clean. I don't have to drag the pressure washer around anymore, they now clean up easliy with a regular garden hose and nozzle. I cant wait to get the remainder of them done. Also want to say thanks for answering all my questions, the fast shipping, and following up with me on my progress. You have been a joy to do business with. Leslie TX

Featured System: Stain & Seal HDIP, Inc.


Using HDIP, Inc., Stains, Dye and Sealers, you can transform your kennel floors into highly decorative, easy to maintain surfaces. DIY or have us install for you. This is a versatile option offering great appearance, easy maintenance and freedom from risk of failures as are common in fluid applied / painted / epoxy type floors. Highly recommended as the best overall value for kennel flooring. Considering all factors, this option is a superior choice.

Have beautiful, easy to maintain floors and runs!

Click on HDIP, Inc., above to go to the manufacturer's web site. They do not sell to public, so click here to see pricing, colors, etc

Dear Grant,

We want to thank you for all of your information, education, and advice on sealing and staining our kennel floors. We couldn't be happier with the results! Not only do we get many compliments from our customers, we've also had other kennel owners in the area comment on the transformation and the lack of odor. It really works! The liquid does not soak into the floor; rather, it evaporates from the surface, keeping bacteria and odors from taking over. I'm so glad we found you and your products. You were very patient with all of our many questions, and made the process easy to understand. Worth every penny!

Thanks again!

Jon and Theresa Cain, DogTown Kennels, Sandy, Utah

kennel flooring

If you have questions or need more information, just , Grant or call me at 417-733-4950.

What's the "Best" Flooring for Animal Care Facilities?

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Click here to see how Deep Seal and Top Seal work and how they look on floors.

What Do People Say About the Results?

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What You'll Learn:
  • Why paint and concrete sealers peel off concrete

    peeling paint

  • Why it is important to consider long term maintenance costs compared to initial price

  • The Pro's and Con's of different options for treating concrete floors

  • Critical points to consider when you are in the planning phase of buildingbefore you pour concrete

  • How to Minimize your risk when buying paints & coatings--Buyer Beware Tips!
Helpful Things for You to Consider

Here you can find a listing of questions you can ask yourself or things that should be considered for differing situations.

Click Here or on the Floor Facts tab at the top to get started.

1. You are in planning stages, haven't poured your concrete yet. What are your options?

2. You have existing New Concrete that has not ever been treated. You should know how to analyze price versus cost of long term maintenance.

3. You have Older Concrete with a sealer or paint etc. that needs to be redone. Don't throw good money after bad. Why surface preparation is critical.

Things to Find Out Before Writing or Calling for Help

If you know or include this information when you contact me, I will be able to help you more quickly:

1. Square footage of area?

2. Is there an existing sealer or paint on it?

3. What do you want it to look like when you're done?

4. How do you want it perform, or what are you trying to accomplish?

Custom Kennel Design

Craig L. McAllester provides custom kennel designs at very affordable prices. For new construction, tenant improvement or renovation of an existing kennel, we design kennels to provide a seamless workflow with a healthy, easily maintained, and comfortable environment. Click for more information.

Click Links below to see videos of how easy it is to transform your concrete into striking decorative floors using HDIP,Inc Stains, Dye and Sealers.. This system is versatile & can be used inside or outside, on floors and walls.

Endurable Concrete Stain "How to"videos

Endurable Concrete Sealer "How to" videos


Daisy's Pet Retreat, Charlotte, MI     

Chocolate Concrete Stain and ENDURable Sealer


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