Results from DIY project using the breathable epoxy system

This gives an economical, yet durable and attractive floor. Easy to clean and a good balanced degree of slip resistance.

Other DIY systems are available... Learn how to create a stained floor easily using Endurable Stain and Endurable Sealer. See details at Manufacturer's web site, and call Grant for assistance.

Here is what Chip Brown, from Brown Dog Lodge in Memphis accomplished as he transformed a building formerly used as a mechanic shop into a very classy boarding facility.

Before with the suites framed in, doors on and tile on walls:

After, looking across a play area:

As with most concrete floors, there is a good deal of prep work. In fact prep work should make up about 80-90% of the work of doing a finished floor:

A close up of the after floor: click on picture below for a bigger picture.

Picture above is of brown blend vinyl chips broadcast over sandstone Supercoat, then top coated with waterborne urethane and a high load of non slip aggregate..resulting in a chemically resistant, non slip, yet easy to clean floor with breathability..

Suites in progress

Suites ready to go

Flooring Project Specifications

2100 square feet of flooring. Used two coats of Supercoat breathable epoxy in Sandstone. A custom blend of various sized chips were then broadcast over second coat. Finally, the system was finished with a non slip, easy to clean top coat of waterborne urethane loaded with a very fine aggregate matched to the qualities of the top coat.

From Brown Dog Lodge in Memphis Tn, Chip Brown writes in Feb '08:


I just wanted to follow-up with you and say thanks for all your help on my new flooring. The Supercoat kit was very easy to apply once the existing concrete was properly prepared.

The finish is exactly what I had in mind for color, consistancy and non-slippery when wet. It is also very durable.

We have dogs playing on it all day and clean it with a pressure washer; no problems for the coating.

Anyway, I am very pleased with the product and can't thank you enough for your guidance and patience answering my many questions.

I will recommend you whenever possible. In the meantime, feel free to refer your customers to me if they have any questions about the flooring or your services.

Attached are a few pictures of the finished product. You can also see the flooring on our webcams at

Take care. Best Regards.

Chip Brown, Brown Dog Lodge



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