All Factors Considered...This Is the "Best" Flooring for Kennels...IMO...

European Safety Flooring for Heavy Traffic Commercial Use

  1. Dense concentration and deep inlay of carborundum granules for longlife slip resistance.
  2. Ease of maintenance due to permanent treatment that eliminates dirt traps.
  3. Treated to combat the growth of fungus and bacteria.
  4. Lowest "life-cycle cost" you can get
  5. Seamless, liquid-proof flooring
  6. Extremely slipping, yet easy on dogs' pads
  7. You can expect 20 or more years of good use without ever having to shut down your kennel in order to "do floor maintenance or repair".
  8. Competitively priced
  9. This flooring is not sold in is made in Europe and is sold world wide in the commercial flooring market.

Here's what a Vet said about this flooring. She had experience with many different kinds of flooring in her practice.

Hi Grant

Here are a few pictures of the Gerflor that you suggested that I install. I could not be happier. This floor is everything that you said it would be and more. It is very easy to clean and truly a non-slip floor. The older dogs in my practice have no problems walking on it like they did on the old VCT. As you know, I had some problems with the original contractor and had to redo some of the original work on the building. The contractor who took over the project was stressing out that his workers were going to damage the floor. No problem. The Gerflor stood up to walls being torn down and the HVAC system dropping soot everywhere. The Gerflor took a beating and looked no worse for the wear in the end. Not only was I really impressed, but so was the contractor. Making the decision to install Gerflor was the best decision I made and is probably the only part of building the new facility that went smoothly. I appreciate all of your help and time and I also appreciate you hooking me up with Steve Blocker, the installer. Steve did a remarkable job and did not have the best circumstances to be working under.

Thanks again --

Denise M. Trapani DVM Animal Health Center, Inc. Walpole, MA 02081

Dog Kennel Floors will help you get the best flooring at the best price, even though we are not a "local contractor" to you.

Dr. Trapani had an estimate through her General Contractor of about $69,000 for the flooring. Her new facility is in a former restaurant, so there was extensive prep work in order to install flooring.

Dog Kennel Floors saved her nearly 40% off the amount proposed by her local contractor. Plus, the quality of the flooring material was superior to what had proposed locally.

Pictures of floors never seem to turn out well. Here are some shots of Dr. Trapani's floor done in "Jasper" (see second down from top in left column)


  Some Color Options Below....










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