Staining and Sealing "Done Right"

This option is based on stains, dyes and sealers from HDIP, Inc. Using their products it is easy to create a wide variety of different flooring looks and performance points.

These options can be easily and quickly done by DIYers or we can do the installation for you...or help you come up with the very best way to get it done for you.

You have my personal guarantee that there is nothing to compare with these products for ease of use, results, "maintain-ability" and price point.

You absolutely cannot find anything at this price point that even comes close to the results you will get.

Click here to go to the HDIP, Inc. Web Site:

Click Here for Pricing on Stains, Dye, Sealers and Color Charts

Click Here for Endurable Stain Photo Gallery

Click Here for Endurable Stain Instructional Videos

Click Here for Endurable Sealer Instructional Videos





Dog Kennel Floors is a distributor of HDIP,INC. products...Endurable Dye, Endurable Stain, Endurable Sealer.

The link above takes you to the manufacturer's web site.

For ordering and pricing information Click Here

All products can be purchased through Dog Kennel Floors.

If you have questions or need more information, just , Grant or call me at 417-733-4950.

In order to provide the best service, the products are not sold by Dog Kennel Floors using an Internet shopping cart.

The reason is simple.

I want to speak with each customer personally, to help them assess what they have and want they are hoping to accomplish. That way, customers can avoid the disappointment and cost of perhaps buying or misusing products which may not have been exactly suited for their specific situation.

Why does it make good sense to get your flooring products through Dog Kennel Floors?

There are thousands of good flooring installers all across the country. So why bother getting in touch with Dog Kennel Floors?

Almost every day, I have contact with kennel owners from all across the U.S. Canada, and many other countries.

Some people are planning new kennels.

But the majority of people I have contact with have major problems. Sometimes brand new flooring attempts have failed. Sometimes it is older floors which need fixing.

Sometimes the kennel owner is a DIYer who bought products and did not install them correctly. Other times, they just ended up with products which are not going to work well no matter how excellently they are installed.

Many other times the presenting problems or flooring failures are due to contractors who likely are very good at their craft in commercial, industrial or residential settings, but they have had little or no experience in kennels.

Kennels have specific considerations and issues that are unique.

Issues of cleanliness, slip resistance, safety, and the general lay out of caging, drains, etc are significantly different from other venues.

As a result, kennel owners often find that their new flooring does not work well in their kennels. Not that the contractor didn't do a good job, nor that they used cheap products, but usually it is related to not being fully familiar with how to create floors that are dog and people friendly.

At Dog Kennel Floors, we have been intimately involved with dog kennels since 2000. You can get the help you need and avoid disappointment by checking here first.

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