Get Some "Bounce" in Your Floors

For Play Areas, Grooming Areas, or any place you want to have some cushion or resilience in the floor.

Another major benefit of this flooring is noise reduction.

There are many options for flooring on concrete that have a little give or resilence.

The challenge is find a system that works well in kennels. We have researched for years to find options that are reasonably priced and will perform well over time.

We offer rolled rubber flooring from a variety of manufacturers, available in virturally any color you can imagine.

Here's how it works with the resilient rolled rubber flooring.

We have special arrangements whereby you can purchase the flooring through Dog Kennel Floors...from a number of top manufacturers. You will avoid the typical floor covering markups and get a very good discounted price. Then we can arrange top flight professional installation. That is the key to success of flooring systems. In summary, you buy the flooring through Dog Kennel Floors, and save significantly.... then you will pay a little more for installation than some people are willing to do it for... BUT it is money well spent...and the total price of flooring and installation will be competitive with or in most cases, lower than what you can do locally. Call and get more information.

This flooring is great for play and exercise areas. Below are some examples of kennels we have done.

Tails R Waggin Overland Park KS Rolled Ruber flooring in day care/exercise areas and grooming and bathing areas.

Suite Paws, Raleigh, NC. Rolled rubber in play areas.

Woofs Play Stay, Merriam, KS... rolled rubber in suite, coved up wall..

Rolled rubber flooring is made from recycled tires and new EDPM rubber. The black background with color flecks is least expensive..and has the most recycled rubber. The colors are new EDPM. These floors should be glued down, seams sealed and the surface sealed. They provide increased quiet, resilience and non slip qualities.

Call Grant to Get Samples

Flooring Factoid

There are no PERFECT options for flooring in kennels

Every flooring option there is has both Pro's and Con's.

The problem most folks run into is that it is very difficult to find out from salespeople or sales literature about the Con's.

That's understandable, since vendors want you to think their material is the best thing going.

Get in touch with me and I will help you evaluate the Pros and Cons of various options.

If you do that before you commit, you can save a lot of grief and money.


  Here are some representative colors and   patterns that are available with the rolled   rubber flooring..... These are just some of   the many colors available... give me a   call














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