Here's how the Kennel Kit works where the urine meets the concrete! (unsolicited email from recent customer... see at right)

The little dog at bottom of stairs is "using" the concrete.


This picture is taken from the steps looking the other can see the flow of urine running towards the top of the picture... What that shows is that a little urine from a little dog doesn't soak into the concrete...instead that little bit of urine makes it 15 feet to the drain.






Thanks for the extra effort to be sure we got the product on time. We finally finished the dog area this week.

We are VERY happy with the product results !!

It washed down to the drain, and nothing absorbs into the concrete.

Just as shown on your web site.

It's a 15 ft by 6 ft area, single pour of concrete (brown), with 3 saw cuts filled with siliconized acrylic caulk. The slope is only 1/2 inch per 4 ft.

Not enough to notice when walking on it, but with your product applied, it's plenty to let the water flow.

Here's a couple of pictures: When the dog pees at one end it runs 15 ft to the drain.


Thanks again, Glenn Chesnut


Click here to see how Deep Seal and Top Seal work and how they look on floors.

Click here to download a PDF file with pictures and explanation of how the Kennel Kit works--Deep Seal & Top Seal

Tired of Slippery Floors?

Use Deep Seal first, then put Top Seal on top... no film, nothing to wear off and it won't be slick.

Results of testing done by on ASTM 609, Static Slip Resistance of Footwear shows that a kennel floor done with Deep Seal and Top Seal will exceed OSHA recommendations for safe floors whether wet or dry.

Click Here for Data

Ask for data if you're interested in figures for comparison with other floors.


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