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Concrete Remedy DS - The Ultimate Masonry Protector

Technical Report No. 1 Introducing Concrete Remedy
Technical Report No. 2 General Description
Technical Report No. 3 Why Use Concrete Remedy DS?

Application Specific Problem Solving and Recommendations

Technical Report No. 4 Concrete Curing
Technical Report No. 5 "Capillarity"
Technical Report No. 6 The Alkali Problem
Technical Report No. 7 Concrete Dusting
Technical Report No. 8 Aid for the Floor Covering Trade
Technical Report No. 9 Aid for Paint Trade
Technical Report No. 10 Wall Sweating Problems


Technical Reports 1-3
Concrete Remedy DS - The Ultimate Masonry Protector

Technical Report No. 1
Introducing Concrete Remedy DS (Deep Seal)

Top contractors, architects, and engineers know the destructive results when masonry and cementitious surfaces are not properly treated and protected. Yet, property owners and maintenance personnel often overlook or are not aware of this construction deficiency until the structures visibly appear to crumble, deteriorate or show signs of disintegration.

The penetration of rain, and waterborne contaminants therein, salts, oils, etc., along with freeze - thaw cycles, entering the pores of the concrete are known to cause extensive damage. These pores act like tubes or canals that carry damaging substances below the surface (often through the entire structure), which creates major deterioration problems to concrete structures.

When a concrete structure is treated with Concrete Remedy DS these types of problems can be greatly reduced or eliminated entirely.

Technical Report No. 2
General Description of Concrete Remedy DS

Concrete Remedy DS is a scientific, cost efficient, penetrating preservative which waterproofs, seals, cures and strengthens old and new masonry and cementitious surfaces.

Concrete Remedy DS will outperform and outlast most other sealants on the market. It becomes a permanent part of the concrete.

Concrete Remedy DS is a safe and easy to use, nontoxic, nonflammable, odorless, clear and water soluble liquid compound.

According to the US Testing Laboratories, the interior of a piece of concrete contains a minimum of 362 times the amount of alkali as compared to the surface area. Therefore, Concrete Remedy DS, which permeates into the concrete and chemically reacts with the alkali becomes a permanent part of the concrete. It is not just a surface coating.

Other sealers, even "penetrating sealers", are surface treatments only and by their own chemical compositions, will react negatively with the moisture and alkali in the concrete and soon peel off due to aeration and deterioration. If there is foot or vehicular traffic, most sealers on the market will wear off in weeks, leaving the concrete unprotected.

Concrete Remedy DS, on the other hand, uses the alkali within the concrete and chemically bonds with and to the concrete internally. It cannot aerate or deteriorate, thus giving the concrete a permanent, one time only, waterproofing seal and cure.

Foreign matter such as acids, certain alkalies, oils, salts, and other various substances can be very destructive to concrete. Contaminants which become imbedded in the concrete cause various forms of deterioration over time. Concrete Remedy DS will prevent such destruction from within.

Concrete Remedy DS reacts with the alkali in the moisture on the surface of the voids and particulate, to form a sticky gel which is forced by capillary (and an attraction to dampness), into the voids and canals that exist beneath the surface of the concrete. Concrete Remedy DS has an affinity for moisture, this facilitates it floating along through the voids and canals. As it does so, it encounters more alkali rich moisture and forms more gummy gel, coating the walls of the larger voids and canals, completely filing smaller ones (shady areas in the bottom section of graphic below). This process repeats itself until the concrete is permanently sealed. Yet, Concrete Remedy DS allows the concrete to breathe.

This process will also float any foreign matter inside those canals and voids (oils, salts, acids, etc.) to the surface where they can be flushed away.

Concrete Remedy DS does not begin to "work" until it gets 1-2 mm down into the concrete. Thus, the top 1-2 mm (about 1/16th inch) does not have any product it in. This area is referred to as a "bondable surface area" represented in the graphic above as the area above the dark horizontal line. This means that paint and coatings will stick very well.

Technical Report No. 3
Why Use Concrete Remedy DS?

The use of Concrete Remedy DS reduces costly maintenance, repair and replacement expenses. It will permanently waterproof and harden concrete to where it will virtually eliminates wear due to abrasion. When all the benefits are evaluated, Concrete Remedy DS has shown itself to be the most cost efficient treatment available for concrete.

All concrete should be stabilized with Concrete Remedy DS.

Technical Reports 4-10

Disclaimer and a Promise and Concrete Remedy believe this information to be true to the best of our knowledge. Our products are of the highest quality and uniform within manufacturing tolerances.

Since no direct control is exercised over product use, no warranty, expressed or implied, is made as to the suitability of products for a particular use or as to the effect of such use, and no liability is assumed, directly or indirectly.

In the event products received were defective at point of manufacture, replacement will be made at no cost to purchaser.

Buyers and users are encouraged to conduct their own tests prior to

Please be assured that we will go the extra mile in helping you solve or prevent problems. We will provide thorough and detailed technical assistance and help you at every step of the way to guarantee that you get a permanent and cost beneficial solution.

We have the resources and availability to help you with on site evaluations and consultations. Or if you prefer to not use your resources for application, we are ready and able to complete all the work for you. In the event you want to do the actual work yourself, we can provide on site technical assistance and guidance if you want that level of assistance.

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